Tabernacle Baptist Church began in 1983 under the leadership of Dr. Lonnie Moore. The founding Pastor Lonnie Moore graduated from Tennessee Temple Bible College in

After graduation he and his wife Gail worked with his father, Evertie Moore in Booneville, KY, at Sugar Camp Baptist Church. Following the Lord’s leading in August of 1983, Lonnie Moore and his wife Gail, with 4 young daughters, came to Nicholasville and began Tabernacle Baptist Church in a small storeroom building on Oak Street. From there with God’s blessing the church grew and moved through six locations to its present location at 2420 Lexington Road, Nicholasville, KY.

In 1984, Tabernacle Baptist started Tabernacle Christian School, now in its 39th year. In addition, Pastor Moore has lead the church to maintain a strong Missionary program supporting over 40 missionaries and mission projects around the World. It can be said the sun never sets on the ministries of Tabernacle Baptist Church. In (2006?) with several men surrendering to the ministry, TBC began Tabernacle Baptist Bible Institute which God has blessed by putting its graduates in pastorates and mission endeavors.

After 39 years of pastoring, Pastor Moore resigned and became Pastor Emeritus. He and his wife Gail are presently traveling the country in full time Evangelism. In his place at TBC, Pastor Moore has placed one of his ordained “Timothys”, Jason Shumate as Pastor. The transition has been blessed and Pastor Jason and his wife Robbie are continuing to see God’s wonderful blessings at TBC.