The TCA staff are not employed to work here, they are dedicated to serving the Lord at TCA. They are not here as a career but as a ministry to invest in the children of TCA. They all have a genuine concern for the well-being and success of each student and will give their full attention to help accomplish that goal.

Church/School Secretary
Mrs. Bryanna David

Toddler’s Class
Ms. Abby Morrison

Kindergarten 4 year old
Mrs. Emily Lawson

Kindergarten 5 year old
Mrs. Mariah Shumate

1st and 2nd Grades
Mrs. Nancy Garman

3rd and 4th Grades
Mrs. Haylee Wallace

5th and 6th Grades
Mrs. Robbie Shumate

Middle and High School – Math Teacher
Mrs. Emalee Brueggeman

Middle and High School
History and Bible Teacher
Mr. John Wallace

Middle and High School
Science and Bible Teacher
Basketball Coach
Mr. Cody Shumate

Middle and High School
Fine Arts Teacher
Volleyball Coach
Mrs. Hannah Wheeler